Water Projects

In most developing country the government are not able to provide water to meet the needs of the people especially those in the rural areas. Franklin Junior Foundation Water Project will work towards uplifting lives, being catalyst for improving the quality of life and act as agent of development in these communities by providing portable water for millions of people in this population.
Currently the Foundation is working in Nigeria to provide portable water in a sustainable and participatory way with the local population. As a pilot study the Foundation is working towards installing 20 boreholes in 20 different communities in Nigeria. For sustainability, Franklin Junior Foundation will build and transfer ownership to Town Unions who in turn will collect token from the beneficiaries for basic running and maintenance of the facility. Each community will participate by donating the land for the project and some form of labor, in that way they take ownership right from the onset.
This program when successfully completed will act as a model for the Foundation’s Water Project which is billed to reach as many communities in need as possible world over.