Support for Parents & Families

Support for Parents & Families of Premature Babies

Immigrant and minority families are especially at risk – unfamiliar with the system of care; the impact of cultural barriers; language barriers – and need support through the challenges of pre-term births.

We currently partner with several hospitals in New York City and community leaders in several communities in Africa. Our partners refer parents of pre-term newborns to us. After screening and intake we provide care packages, arrange counseling, visits to the homes and food and other supplies as necessary. The center maintains a database of the families that are referred to us and follow up is ongoing.

FJF understands too that at this very vulnerable moment in the lives of these families it is important that parents understand fully the information and instructions presented them as it relates to the care of their newborn. Here in the Bronx and the US in general, Non-English speaking families are at a disadvantage. FJF provides translation of information and instructions in French, Spanish, IBO, Hauser and Yoruba.

Through our parent-to-parent network the center makes periodic home visits and assist families to make adjustments in the home. Special care is taken to ensure safe and hygienic conditions in the home; the use of environmentally friendly and non-toxic products and to provide respite for family members.

FJF also provides financial counseling to families to ensure that their financial support system can sustain them through the changes that occur.  The additional financial expenses and the occasional loss of income for mothers needing to stay at home to care for the newborn put many families into a financial tailspin.