Relief and Development

Our work takes us throughout the world to support child and maternal health and women of child-bearing age. Franklin Junior Foundation’s programs bring aid to the poor, sick, and suffering with food, medicine, counseling and other assistance.

Deploy Parent-to-Parent (P2P) volunteers
A team of parent-to-parent volunteers provides peer support and assists with navigating families through the myriad support systems that are available. P2P volunteers as they are affectionately referred to, provide critical language and cultural support. Many of the P2P volunteers have themselves been parents of preemies, retired professionals, nurses and mothers.

Prayer Network Support
Many minority and immigrant families particularly request prayer support during the critical and challenging time. FJF is able to refer families to religious leaders and places of worship that can support these families through their challenges. Many find comfort in knowing that others are prayerfully involved in their concerns about their pre-term birth.