Neonatal Care

The Franklin Junior Foundation for Premature Children has targeted several rural and underserved communities in Africa where we have ground support. Our Neonatal Campaign and Medical Missions combined effort was initiated in November of 2008. The project’s goal is to reduce the morbidity and mortality among children under five (5) and women of childbearing age, with special attention given to widows of child bearing age.  The campaign is being bumped up another notch by adding in 2010 three (3) additional sites to our pilot site in Akanu Ohafia.

FJF supports the body of work that promotes improvement in neonatal care and campaigns for funding to support the distribution of critical information.

FJF will host a conference in 2010 to highlight the increasing need for more education and medical support for minority and immigrant families and communities to increase participation in ensuring enhanced neonatal care.