Fraklin Junior Foundation began operations six years ago and is projected to be an international charity that supports minority and immigrant families in North America, and families in the developing world in all aspects of neonatal care, whether it is by campaigning for improved services, supporting parents of premature or sick newborn babies or supporting innovation in care or practice. Additionally, to assist in the prevention and other medical care, since in the developing world, all aspects of medical attention contribute significantly to the health and well being of the population and thus assist in the prevention of diseases and maladies that affect the newborn.

Achievements over our six -year history:

  • Franklin Foundation collaborated with Unite for Sight on a Taiwanese visit supplying 700 pairs of glasses as part of the Fraklin Junior Foundation ’s work in Medical Missions to disadvantaged communities around he world
  • Fraklin Junior Foundation team supported medical relief to a Ghana refugee camp. 150 women of child bearing age and 56 mothers with children received medical attention
  • Fraklin Junior Foundation collaborates with the four hospitals offering counseling and other support to families. More than one hundred and twenty (120) families have benefitted from our work. One of these hospitals is the birth home of Franklin Jr which is Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
  • Fraklin Junior Foundation is a partner with Deeper Life Charities, World Vision Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, FIDC, Grandparent around the World Production, Nigeria Pharmaceutical Association and Prison Fellowship to assist female head of households with babies and young children. FJF sourced support in the form of diapers and clothing, baby and adult food, and toys for close to 500 families
  • Fraklin Junior Foundation founder and volunteers attended several conferences around the country to learn of the ways to combat the problem of premature births.
  • Trained 15 volunteers to work at projects sites in Africa