About Franklin Junior

Franklin Oleh Senior

He is President and Executive Director of Franklin Junior Foundation for Families of Premature Children, has to his credit 21 years of administrative and management experience. From 1988 to 1993, he served as head of the Public Relations Department of Hypertronix Nigeria Ltd.
Prior to founding FJF in 2006, he established Deeper Life Charities, Inc, a national humanitarian and charitable organization. Under his leadership, Deeper Life Charities has successfully provided enormous socio-economic and education services its affiliate programs such as

Deeper Life Food Pantry and Soup kitchen which serves up to 8,000 free meals weekly throughout its centers in the Bronx. In addition to food given away at its four food banks in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New Jersey. The impact and activities of this charity have widely been reported in several national newspapers in the United States, e.g. The New York Post article of Sunday, August 17, 2003. In recognition of his meritorious services to minority communities in New York City, Mr. Oleh has received several Awards from City Hall, City Harvest, Food for the Hungry and the New York Police Department.

Clothing Bank: has successfully collected and distributed over 100,000 items of clothing to the poor and homeless individuals and families throughout New York City and New Jersey since 2004. These clothing items are donated by such reputable Department Stores as Banana Republic, Old Navy, Gab and Kevin Cline through the Mayor's office.

Angel Tree Program serves the needs of more that 900 children and families of prison inmates in New York City, Philadelphia and Newark by presenting toys, tricycles, clothing and food to them during such holidays as Easter, Thanks giving and Christmas.

Computer Learning Center: has been another key community-based program successfully coordinated by Mr. Oleh at the Bronx location between 2004 and 2007. Under his leadership, numerous low-income youths have acquired new skills by learning typing, Internet search, wood processing and computer repair, which have enabled them to secure well-paid jobs in industries. Franklin is married with 5 children, with Franklin Junior as the oldest.

Inspiration - Franklin Oleh Jr

Born 1lb 5oz, Franklin Oleh Junior arrived in the world seventeen weeks earlier than expected. Parents Franklin Oleh Senior and Shelly-Ann Oleh were shocked and seriously worried. The doctors gave Franklin Junior a 10% chance of survival. Franklin Junior, like all premature babies, needed the highest level of specialist treatment to stay alive and was looked after by a team of highly trained doctors and nurses. 'Franklin Junior didn’t even look human’ they said.

Watching their baby fight for life brought an incredible amount of stress to the Oleh family. Denial, anger, blame, sadness, depression and finally acceptance of the situation all took toll on their family.Shelly-Ann remembers this period as one of the most traumatic in her life. 'It was a very anxious time. We didn't really have the chance to enjoy Franklin Junior as a tiny baby because we were so worried about what might happen",she said.

Six months later ,Franklin Junior was ready to go home but their ordeal didn't stop there. Within days, he was back in intensive care fighting for his life after contracting a virus, a common experience for these vulnerable babies. By this time Shelly-Ann's emotions were off the scale, but thankfully he pulled through. Despite his staggering start in life, he is now a tall, robust five-year-old with a reading age two years above average.

The Olehs remain ever grateful to the support they received during this trial time from Christian body prayer support and member crew of Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center/Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

This child is a miracle – more miracles need to happen.